Scaffolding Side Brackets

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Scaffolding Tube Side Bracket Scaffolding Tube Saddle Side Bracket

Scaffolding End Bracket
Scaffolding Side Bracket Scaffolding Saddle Side Bracket Scaffolding End Bracket
Item Description Unit Weight (lbs)

 26 Pieces or more

 1 to 25 Pieces
158SB12 Scaffolding Side Bracket 12" PCs 4.8 Please call for pricing $18

Scaffolding Side Bracket  21"

PCs 7.5 Please call for pricing $22
158STSB Scaffolding Saddle Tube Side Bracket 21" PCs 10.7 Please call for pricing $26
158SB30 Scaffolding Side Bracket 30" PC's 14.2 Please call for pricing $32.00
159EB Scaffolding End Bracket PCs 11.1 Please call for pricing $24.00

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Scaffolding Base Plate
Item# 81-bp
Scaffolding Swivel Base Plate
Item# 81s
Scaffolding Screw
Jack with Socket
Item# 82

Scaffolding Screw Jack with Base Plate
Item# 81g

Casters Scaffolding Boards Aluminum Scaffold Guard Rails

All weights are approximate. All pricing is subject to change.

.Please note that it is imperative for all workers using these Scaffolding parts and/or Scaffolding accessories to be fully trained and informed in the use of these Scaffolding materials. You may visit our safety page by clicking here to find sources of training and instruction in the use of scaffolding, etc.