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Why Post Guards?

Post Guards brighten your traffic posts, bollards, gate arms, etc. with good-looking protective sleeves. Post Guards' High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) post covers fit easily and securely over existing posts to improve property appearance, visibility and safety. While bollards direct traffic and protect areas from vehicle damage, bollard posts must be repainted frequently. Post Guard covers (also referred to as post sleeves or post covers) slip over steel pipes, steel poles and cement bollards to improve appearance and eliminate repainting and maintenance costs. Users of Post Guard are impressed by their quality products, price and dedication to personal service and customer satisfaction. It’s easy to see why Post Guard bollard covers are at thousands of sites.

What makes Post Guard bollard covers/post sleeves so unique?


  • Manufactured using a 1/8" thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with stronger intermolecular forces, tensile strength and solvent resistance
  • Contains ultraviolet and antistatic additives that withstand extreme temperatures and resist fading
  • Attractive
  • Quick, easy installation and secure fit
  • Durable, flexible vinyl designed to absorb impact 
  • Protects both vehicles and structures from expensive damage
  • Two recessed reflective stripes increase visibility and safety
  • Low cost
  • Personalized customer service – call Toll Free 1-888-973-3768


 Post Guard Colors

Whether you call them post covers, bollard covers or post sleeves, they are available in a wide variety of colors.  Custom colors, safety warnings, symbols and corporate logos are also available.  Post Guard is designed with smooth sides and two reflective stripes are recessed near the rounded top.  Striping is available in red, white/silver, blue, yellow or black.


Color variations

What size Post Guard should I buy?

 Diameter Measures
Post Guard Needed
 4.5 or less
4.5" Post Guard
 Greater than 4.5" less than 7"

7" Post Guard

 Greater than 7" Less than 8 -7/8" 8-7/8" Post Guard
 Greater than 8-7/8" Less than 11.5"
11.5" Post Guard
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Item Number

Post Guard Sizes

Color Stripe
PG-1 4.5" Dia. x 52" Yellow Red
PG-2 4.5" Dia. x 52" Yellow White
PG-3 4.5" Dia. x 52" White Blue
PG-4 4.5" Dia. x 52" White Red
PG-5 4.5" Dia. x 52" Blue White
PG-6 4.5" Dia. x 52" Red White
PG-7 4.5" Dia. x 52" Black White
PG-8 4.5" Dia. x 52" Gray Red
PG-9 4.5" Dia. x 52" Green White
PG-10 4.5" Dia. x 52" Orange White
PG-11 4.5" Dia. x 52" Brown White
PG-29 4.5" Dia. x 52" Beige White
PG-12 4.5" Dia x 64" Yellow Red
PG-30 4.5" Dia x 64" Beige White
PG-13 7" Dia. x 60" Yellow Red
PG-14 7" Dia. x 60" Yellow White
PG-15 7" Dia. x 60" White Blue
PG-16 7" Dia. x 60" White Red
PG-17 7" Dia. x 60" Blue White
PG-18 7" Dia. x 60" Red White
PG-19 7" Dia. x 60" Black White
PG-20 7" Dia. x 60" Gray Red
PG-21 7" Dia. x 60" Green White
PG-22 7" Dia. x 60" Orange White
PG-23 7" Dia. x 60" Brown White
PG-24 7" Dia. x 72" Yellow Red
PG-32 7" Dia. x 72" Beige White
PG-25 8-7/8" Dia. x 72" Yellow Red
PG-27 8-7/8" Dia. x 72" Decorative Design
PG-26 10 7/8" Dia. x 60" Yellow Red
PG-28 Square 6.5" Dia x 55" Yellow Red
PG-33 Square 6.5" Dia x 55" Yellow Red
Before and After Post Guards!

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