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All of our Step Up Scaffolding is Brand New!

Folds to only 4" flat for easy storage and transporting.

Step Up Scaffolding Fits easily in the back of a van or trunk of a car.
Optional 14 gauge steel paint shelf fits on top of side ladder.
4' Unit

SU-4   4 Ft.(131 cm), 51.5" high x 48" long x 22" wide

500 lb Capacity



Three Versatile tools for the price of one!

The Step-Up Scaffold sets up in seconds and works as a mini scaffold, a materials cart and a work stand. With the optional steel paint shelf, a standard roller paint tray clips on perfectly for added convenience.

*Features Include*

1" O.D. tubular steel frames with two 14 gauge solid steel platforms.

Two 14 gauge (2 mm) Steel Platforms included.

Patented center-fold hinge in the back so you can fold them flat to the width of the side ladders of end frames.

INDY All Brake Casters
The Step-up utilizes Perry's Indy All Brake Casters. In the unlocked position, the lever design permits 360 degree wheel rotation for easy movement of assembled Step-Ups. In the secure position, the wheels return to the weight-over-center position for positive balance wile in use

5' Unit

SU-5   5 Ft.(156.5 cm), 61.6" high x 56" long x 25" wide

600 lb Capacity


6' Unit

SU-6  6 Ft. (182.9 cm), 72" high x 56" long x 25" wide

600 lb Capacity


Replacement Platform for SU-4 $56.00 each PP-2
Replacement Platform for
SU-5 and SU 6
$70.00 each PP-3
Optional Paint Shelf for SU 4 $32.00 each PPS-1
Optional Paint Shelf for
SU 5 and SU 6
$35.00 each PPS-2
Replacement Locking Caster $34.00 each PIC-54


You Can Reach The Scaffolding Depot at
1-888-97DEPOT (1-888-973-3768)
Fax 678-355-9962

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